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The Limewoods Brown Hairstreak Project

Female Brown Hairstreak Since 1994, the Brown Hairstreak has been the subject of an ongoing survey and management project, run by the Lincolnshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation. The aims of the project are to monitor the distribution of our local Brown Hairstreak populations, and to encourage their conservation via appropriate management and advice to landowners.
This is an elusive canopy-dwelling species, and survey work has consisted mainly of egg-searches during the winter months, when the overwintering eggs are quite conspicuous on blackthorn. Brown Hairstreak egg location
Brown Hairstreak management work Survey results have enabled us to determine breeding territories and to target management effectively. Rotational coppicing creates the young blackthorn re-growth that this species particularly favours for egg-laying.
Year on year monitoring has shown the positive effect of coppicing on egg-densities, as demonstrated by the graph showing egg numbers along two of our transects, before and after coppice management.
Brown Hairstreak egg transects
The Brown Hairstreak is currently thriving in the Limewoods and, if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of this species at Chambers Farm Wood during August and September.

Thanks are due to the following organisations for their help with management projects over the past decade:

• Lincoln Conservation Group
• West Lindsey BTCV
• Royal Air Force
• Probation Service
• Butterfly Conservation Lincolnshire Branch
• Forest Enterprise

Thanks also to all who have helped out with egg-survey work.

For further information, or to get involved with the Limewoods Brown Hairstreak Project, please contact Pete Smith or Richard Davidson.


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